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Shit, now I have to be on Social Media.

Hi, Jules here. Shit, now I have to be on Social Media.

Look, to each his own. If you wanna be stuck on the infinity scroll for, well, forever, fine, it's your time, you do whatever the hell you want with it. If you wanna follow some pretty influencer and have them advertise stupid shit to you all the time, great, it’s your money, I'm not judging. If you wanna listen to narcissistic unstable people rant about shit they have no idea about, fan-freaking-tastic. I just don't think it's very healthy. And that's why I didn't wanna be on Social Media, because guess what: I'm pretty unstable myself, and some might even argue a little narcissistic (let’s be honest here, which musician isn’t?). I don’t think I should be spreading my ideas all over the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a musician and you are knee deep in your studies about your core agenda and you can support your ideas with weeks, months or even years of dedicated efforts and research, please share your wisdom and make the world a better place! But if you’re an overly emotional songwriter like me who watches a documentary every now and then about some bad shit that’s happening in the world and then gets really passionate for a second, this might not be something the whole world needs to know about.

Well. Since this pandemic is taking forever and musicians are basically forced to be more active (or active at all) on SM, I'm gonna start this honest, unfiltered series called: “Shit, now I have to be on Social Media.” Actually, if I’m being really honest, it does get filtered a little by my dear partner Janna who is in this with me. I can come across a little intense from time to time, she helps me with that ;) Anyways, there’s not gonna be any "this world is awesome" or "all is beautiful, all is great" posts. It’s mostly gonna be rants like this one, and me pointing out the fake and phony in the world as I see it (and also in myself of course ;))

So if you’re a cynic like me, you might enjoy that.

If you are not on Instagram, Facebook & Co., good for you! Seriously, enjoy your peace of mind! You're not gonna miss out on anything Kafka Kaya related, since we're always gonna share our content on this Website as well. And our podcast, written and read by Janna, is available only here (via newsletter subscription)!


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