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The idea of eternal growth

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Higher. Faster. Further.

Merging. Optimizing. Expanding.

Never settling. Never satisfied. Always aiming for more.

That's us. The human race in a nutshell.

It's gotten us from living in caves, building tools from sticks and stones, to flying to space in rockets and creating new life in labs. Pretty incredible when you think about it!

It makes me wonder where we're gonna go. How much higher. How much faster. How much further. How much more.

There's so much potential. So much more we can discover. So much more we can become.

© Janna Strässle

It all sounds amazing and exciting. And it could be. If only there wasn't the minor issue of the cost of our constant evolution and growth. Who is paying for our progress and how?

There probably isn't a simple answer to that question (is it just me or do simple questions with simple answers become rarer and rarer these days?). But I think it's time to ask difficult, uncomfortable questions and then not just shrug and carry on. I think it's time to ask ourselves how much more we are supposed to grow. How much more space the human race is allowed to take up on this planet, and how many more resources we are entitled to use.

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What else is new? Kafka Kaya is relocating. Bye bye Berlin - we are homebound. We'll be taking some time to move and get settled and hopefully be back soon - with new music from our new home studio.

So long...


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