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One week later.

Our new EP As We Were Silent in the Dark is one week old today.

And it's bittersweet really. Next weekend we could have celebrated this milestone at BScene Clubfestival in our hometown Basel. But I guess it has been established long and wide now that things are different these days, and we don't want to make this post another tragic depiction of the struggle so many of us have been putting up with this past year, so let's refocus for a moment here.

Cause we have been lucky. We have had the honor of working with and getting support from so many wonderful people and we would like to take the time to express our gratitude.

Our families and friends. Without you, we never would have made it here. Your love and support means everything.

Our listeners all over the world. Most of the time, we have no idea how our music found you. But we're happy it did, and we hope to meet you some day.

And then there are those who saw / see something in Kafka Kaya they considered worthy of promoting, and this is a big THANK YOU to them:

ARTNOIR and Untoldency hosted our very first ever video premieres! You made this experience very special for us, both times, in a good way of course ;)

Jens at How deep is your love has, as a club owner, been hit hard by the pandemic. Yet his dedication to the music scene has not wavered, and we feel honored to have been featured on his awesome blog with each one of our singles.

When someone you think has great taste in music features you in one of his / her playlists, that's always especially nice.

We're thrilled to be on Radio Theory's Electronic Berlin playlist, (alongside our heroes HOWLING and Moderat), and The Alternative Mixtapes did not only add our song Kyrie Eleison to their playlist, but also wrote a beautiful blogpost about it.

There are so many great music blogs out there. It is amazing to see how much time, effort and dedication is being put into finding, listening to and writing about (new) music and artists, and we loved the article Thomas from Auf die Ohren wrote about us.

Radio airplays are still an important part of getting heard, especially in times like these. Thank you Radio X and Radio Swissju in Switzerland and ByteFM, HORADS 88,6 and Indieselect in Germany for playing Kafka Kaya's new songs!

Thanks again to RFV Basel for believing in us and supporting us.

Support has also been shown in the form of working with us, for example on our music videos. Long days, pouring rain, snowstorms, drone incidents, numb feet, you name it. Our crew stayed put and delivered. Ramon, Jan, Oli, Muna, Hiba, Céline, Isha, Sarah: you all did a fantastic job and we are so grateful for your valuable contribution!

And for his patience and effort in designing our EP artwork as well as the single artwork for Morocco together with us, we would like to say thank you to Nico at Inbranded!

And not to forget Jay at Pianola Records - he's been a tremendous help in business questions.

All of you. All of what you have done for Kafka Kaya. We do not take it for granted. THANK YOU.

Yes, we are struggling. But we're still here, already working on new stuff. Bear with us. We appreciate it.

New songs in progress © Janna Strässle


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